Why Buy Wastell?

Better Homes, Better Communities

Your Home, Your Way

Whether you want to add a room, modify the kitchen, change the staircase, we will customize your home perfectly to the way you live.


Any builder can claim integrity, but we have a 35 year reputation to back it up. Homebuyers know we will deliver a home that they envisioned, with all the qualities that are the hallmarks of Wastell. Our repeat and referral business proves it.

Great Locations

We choose neighbourhoods for their near by schools, amenities, and retail spaces, while taking account the area’s natural beauty. We want our clients to live in communities that better suit their lifestyle.

Customer Satisfaction

From walking into our sales office to the day we hand you your keys (and long after), we make the entire process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our excellent customer service is due to our strong belief that communication and teamwork are essential to building a home.

We are proud to continue to hold and excellent rating with the Tarion Warranty Corporation. we take the utmost care in servicing all your after care sales needs.

Better Value

We pride ourselves on building homes that keep their value and comfort. We offer a broad list of standard features that many other builders consider upgrades.


Our homes are pre-wired for hi-tech media centers with telecommuting offices and other modern day conveniences. We can accommodate any needs you may have to prepare your home for the digital age.

Exceptional Customer Care

From our experienced sales teams, to the designers of our unrivalled floor plans, to the superintendent who manages the construction your home are all challenged to delight every customer with incomparable service and to build each home as if it were their own.


By offering the Tarion Warranty with all our homes, you get peace of mind with our commitment to your investment for years to come.

Superior Quality

As a multiple winner of Builder of The Year, we have established a standard of excellence unmatched by other homebuilders. We take the time to respond to consumer trends with innovative floorplans that make adjusting to life's changes a lot easier.

Green Living

You can rest in comfort knowing your new home is leaving a smaller carbon footprint. From low-maintenance pre-finished materials, to water-saving fixtures and Energy Star features, we can create a home that can save you money and help reduce environmental impacts.